Why The Us Went To War In Wwii

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Why the United States went to war in WW2George Washington told Americans that they should not get involved in world affairs. For some time the US stayed isolated from world affairs. But in 1917 the US was hurled into the destructive nature of war. It was a war that most Americans disliked and it was a war that took out a generation of young men. And when it was over, the US sunk back into isolation and the war was a distant memory. So why would the US join in world affairs and into the destruction of war again?The US did not enter the war when the Germans attacked most of Western Europe. The US did not enter the war when Germany started to bomb England. However, it was events like these that made Americans sympathize more with the Allies and loath the Axis powers.After WW I, many European countries were left in ruins and life was poor. By 1924, the US was thrown into The Great Depression which caused massive inflation, bankruptcies, and governments were left in chaos trying to fix their economies. However, these conditions were ripe for leaders like Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Hideki Tojo. So these three gave their people what they wanted, and when put in a position of power they began militarizing up their Country for war. It was the perfect time for the powerful to prey on the weak. This aggressive behavior was a bit concerning for most countries and at first they tried to appease these aggressors. But, it was very clear what their intensions were and the world was going to be hurled into another world war.In 1931 The Empire of Japan led a surprise attack on the Chinese province of Manchuria. Within a few months, Japan controlled the whole resource rich province. The League of Nations condemned this act by Japan, leading to Japan's withdrawal from the league. This attack upset the US because of its unprovoked nature. Then Hitler began his movement of discrimination towards all non-Aryans in Germany, claiming that they were not as good as the pure blooded people of Germany. This too upset America since the US was quite proud of their mixed heritage and this was just uncalled for.By 1936 Spanish Civil War began, and the rise of Fascism in Spain was protested by some Americans and the Abraham Lincoln Battalion, consisting of 3000 Americans who volunteered to help rebel fighters in Spain rise up against the fascist leader Francisco Franco. This was the first involvement of US Troops in world affairs since WWI. In 1937, Japan began to take over China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The US in turn cut off trade with Japan, embargoing oil.In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, who calls on their allies to help. Britain and France were hesitant to jump behind the German border and go to war. Then the involvement of Russia troops attacking Poland and the non-aggression pact between Germany and Russia really put Britain and France in a sticky spot. Even though Britain and France had close relations with the US, the decision to go to war was not enough to...

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