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Why The United States Got Involved In World War Ii

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us got involved in wwII because

World War II was a war unlike any other war that has occurred in the history of the war. In studying this war, there are some significant events that contributed to the start of World War II, that led to the US's entrance into W.W.II, and events that helped bring an end to W.W.II. The failure of the Geneva Peace conference, Hitler's annexation of Austria, the Spanish Civil War, Hitler's acquisition of Czechoslovakia, the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, Germany's invasion of Poland, and the fall of France all contributed greatly to the start of World War II. Some events that contributed to the entrance of the US into the war were Italy's invasion on Ethiopia, Japan's invasion of China, the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the Destroyer-Base Deal, the Nye Committee, and the Lend-Lease Act. The Invasion of Italy, the Battle of Midway, D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, and the fall of Berlin to the Soviets were five of the events that contributed to the ending of World War II.

The Geneva Peace Conference failed because, first- it was stalled over German demands for equal strength and French insistence on reliable protection against the possibility of German aggression. European skepticism about American intentions was confirmed when the Senate Foreign Relations committee responded with a resolution banning shipments to all belligerents, after the American representative at the conference said that if international agreement effected a substantial reduction in arms, the US was prepared to consult with the other states in case of a threat to peace. The failure of this conference was a substantial event in the chain of events that led up to W.W.II, because if this conference had been successful Germany may not have been as volatile, and may not have had the means and arms to initiate the war. Hitler's annexation of Austria took place in the March of 1936. This event was crucial in the build up to war, because it was the first step in the buildup of a German empire. It was the first step militant step towards the Second World War. The next militant step towards world war was when he used the plight of the German minority in the Sudetenland as a pretext for demands on the government of Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia was now a part of the growing German territory. The more territory Germany acquired the more of a threat it was to the other European powers. The Spanish Civil War just helped contribute to the actual disintegration and the appearance of disintegration of conditions in Europe. The Spanish fascists, joined the monarchists and the clericals under General Francisco Franco to overthrow the democratic government of Spain. In reality, the neutral intentions of the US only helped the fascists- and the unrest in Spain contributed to the general unrest in Europe. The Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact contributed to the build up of tension leading to World War II, because it gave Germany the security of an...

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