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Why The Use Of Chemical Fertilizer Is Bad

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Today, chemical fertilizers are used worldwide on people’s crops and other plants. One may ask, what is chemical fertilizer and how does it contribute to our environment? To start with, crops need a number of nutrients to survive like nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorous for their growth. Overtime, soil nutrients decrease because the crops are harvested or they die. The nutrients do not come back to the soil until the crop decomposes so when you add fertilizer, the process is sped up and plants grow faster.
The question is asks if the use of chemical fertilizer is bad for crops.
Our group argues yes. Yes, chemical fertilizer is bad for crops and the environment around it too.
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With a weak immune system, the crop will less likely survive pests and diseases.
-The chemical fertilizers also cause root burn. Root burn happens when the crop is dehydrated or not allowed enough water. Crops will absorb nitrogen salt that the chemical fertilizer contains and when this happens, the crop will become weaker and soon dry up and die. As said in the introduction, the decomposition of the crops is an important part of the cycle. It allows bacteria and other organisms to live, but the chemical fertilizer kills these good bacteria.
For our third reason, we stated that chemical fertilizer is bad for the environment and humans.
-The nutrients of the fertilizer can also cause other problems to the environment besides crops. One problem is the rapid growth of algae known as an algal bloom. When the algae die, it feeds on other bacteria which eat oxygen, causing fish and crops to not survive.
- The nitrogen in the fertilizer can also make compounds that can change our climate and create conditions that can kill all kinds of wildlife.
-As mentioned before, the chemicals in the fertilizer will end up in groundwater, which is made into drinking water. The chemicals don’t dissolve causing out water to be contaminated. It can cause illnesses like methemoglobinemia. This is also called the Blue Baby Syndrome and happens mostly in infants and also may cause leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and ovarian, colon, rectal, bladder, stomach, esophageal, pancreatic, and thyroid cancer. What happens most often is that the infants are given formula with the chemical contaminated water. The illness can cause a decrease in oxygen in the blood and it has a result of a blue-grey skin color. It can cause a coma, a state of deep unconsciousness, and even death.
We also found statistics…
-According to the United States Department of Agriculture, chemical fertilizer distribution has gone up 60 percent from 2002 to 2013. The use of chemical fertilizer has grown and has been taken into more and more companies. Since it is becoming a very big hit, many people are using the fertilizers so the crops are losing their nutritional value because of the side effects of chemical fertilizers’ ingredients.
- Following World War II, the use of chemical fertilizers was very...

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