Why The Vegetarian Diet Is Best

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Why the Vegetarian Diet is Best

The vegetarian diet is becoming increasingly popular all the time. Is the vegetarian or meat diet better? A
decade ago and earlier, the impression was that a vegetarian diet was lacking in the nutrients found in meat
products. Today though, through research and nutritional science, it has been proven that all the nutrients found
in meat can also be found in the correct vegetarian diet.
Some may argue that by only consuming meat that is low in fat, meat and vegetarian diets have identical
benefits. This is true only if one eats only very low fat meat. The lack of meat is not necessarily the main benefit
of to the vegetarian. Vegetarians tend to eat more fruits, vegetables and grains that the meat eater. They also
tend not to use tobacco and excessive alcohol. In addition, vegetarians tend to get more exercise.
The term vegetarian can be misleading. This diet can take on many different variations. A fruitarian eats only
fruits, seeds and nuts while the vegan eats these and vegetables, grains and legumes. A lacto vegetarian
consumes the same as a vegan as well as dairy products. A lacto-ovo vegetarian follows after the lacto vegetarian
but also includes eggs while the ovo vegetarian excludes dairy products. Finally, the partial vegetarian eats
anything except red meat, or at least strictly limits it. Because the term vegetarian is used to cover all facets and
variations, it is difficult to identify health benefits resulting from the vegetarian diet including all of the above.
Most meat eaters do not realize that there are so many variations...

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