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Why The Whitechapel Murders Attracted So Much Attention

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Why the Whitechapel Murders Attracted so Much Attention

In this question I will be studying the various reasons why the
Whitechapel murders attracted so much attention in 1888. This will
focus on the Ripper victims and their own personal backgrounds, the
murders and the similarities including the fact that they became more
increasingly violent, the extensive press coverage due to the brutal
murders as well as the increased press coverage on anti-Semitism and
finally I will write about the actions of the mile end vigilance

My focus will turn to the 5 main ripper victims Mary Ann Nicholls
(Polly), Annie Chapman, Elizabeth stride, Catherine Eddows and mary
Kelly. There are many similarities between these five victims which
link them to be the most believable ripper victims. The most initial
similarity between all 5 women was that they were all prostitutes
working in the same area all of the prostitutes were all of the same
age of around 45 apart from one named Mary Kelly as she was aged
around 25.the serial killers spree began on august 31st 1888 with the
murder of a middle aged prostitute named Mary Ann Nicholls called
Polly by some. As with all the victims she was a very heavy drinker.
Polly had five children and had separated from her husband Mary Ann at
the time was living in a house at 13 millers' court. The ripper's
second victim was again an (47 year old) prostitute named Annie
Chapman. Also a mother and like all the prostitutes she was a heavy
drinker, she again was separated from her husand.she prostituted in
order to pay for her drinking habit, Annie's appearance was not the
best for a 47 year old as she had a very bulged and chubby appearance,
Annie did not live in one place as she was seen wondering from lodging
to lodging. The next two victims have many similarities in more ways
than one, Elizabeth stride and Catherine eddows were murdered on
Sunday September 30th within an hour of each other, they were both
middle aged at around 45 and were both alcoholics with sordid
histories and both divorced there was no real difference between the
two. All of these aspects were the reasons why jack the ripper
attracted so much attention but it was manly because all of the women
were prostitutes and that they were murdered so horrifically, it was
attracted more as nearly all the sex organs within the female body had
been mutilated which in some way entertained the public.

The first Ripper victim was Polly Nicholls her body was found a little
after four a.m. on the 31st August 1888, she was found on her back
with her skit pushing up to her waist and a deep cut across her
throat, the decapitation of his victims would soon become a trade mark
for the Ripper, Polly's abdomen was slashed and she was stabbed twice
in her womb, the extent of the wounds inflicted on the...

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