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Why The World Needs Super Heroes

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Why the World Needs the Power Rangers
Quick! You hear something about someone who is being abused by their parents. What do you do? Tell the police! Tell the principal! All of these are good answers, but the real question is something much deeper. Why help? Why care? Well, I believe people want to help and care for others because they still believe in superheroes. I feel that people want to help because of the ideals, morals, and basic ways of living installed in them by The X-Men, Spider-Man, and even The Power Rangers. It doesn’t matter how you may meet one of these interesting characters whether it be through comic books, movie theaters, T.V. shows, or video games you can’t help but be motivated to help and care for others as these great people do themselves. Superheroes though fabricated and impractical can express humanity on a deeper level than most real people can and this is the reason why superheroes are able to reinforce morals and ethics upon society today. Even though these superheroes are obviously fictional they can still leave a Hulk sized impact on people’s lives. Super heroes leave impacts on people through their own humanity, like how The X-Men exhibit and express the qualities of kind hearted people even when others do not, how Spider-Man teaches people, that doing the right thing – whether it be strenuous or not – is more of an obligation and less of a choice, and how The Power Rangers teach people, that even superheroes, our visions of perfect, need help and need breaks from time to time.
Let’s start off with The X-Men, a band of misfits, mutants, or outcasts even, and all of whom have been mistreated and ostracized by humanity because of their differences. All of The X-Men have had problems with humans, but in spite of their problems they still encourage other mutants to help the very people who detest them. Kurt Wagner or Night Crawler is one of these X-Men who aspire to be friendly...

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