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Why So Many People Eat Fast Food?

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Nowadays, time seems to be an important factor for people around the world. Today people, especially in Bangkok,the capital city of Thailand, have to wake up and go out early to study or work, so they have to avoid any traffic jams. They have only a short break at lunch or are always in a hurry. Therefore people don't have time to cook or prepare their own meals for themselves or for their family. Fast food is one of the better choices for people who have limited time. Moreover, there are many fast food restaurants in Thailand and around the world, such as Macdonald's, KFC, Burger King, Chester Grill, Dunkin' Donuts, Pizza Hut, or The pizza Company. Some restaurants provide a drive-through or delivery service for the customer's convenience. These restaurants also advertise in many popular magazines or on TV, which attracts the interest of many customers. Even though people know that fast food is not good for their health, the number of people that eat at fast food restaurants increases every year. The main reasons that so many people eat fast food are the taste of the food, its price,and the fact that it is fast and convenient.
The delicious taste of the food is one of the major reasons for the increase in the number of customers in fast food restaurants. Although everyone knows that fast food is unhealthy food, contains high calories and has no nutritional value, people like to eat it because it tastes good and each restaurant has a variety of food available on the menu. Research states that fast food opens your appetite to make you want more. Fast food is usually packed with fats, sodium and sugar, therefore making it taste good. Some studies suggest that people who eat fast food can be addicted because of the sugar and the fat content. Due to high fats and calories, it can make you fat and lead to obesity and other health problems if you often eat fast food. Furthermore, every fast food restaurant under the same brand has the same menu, same taste, and same quality so the restaurant becomes well-known easily.
Another point is the inexpensive price. Compared to other restaurants, fast food is...

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