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Why They Serve’’ By Sarah Palin

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1) The three texts ‘’Why They Serve’’ by Sarah Palin, ‘’A soldier’s story: War affects whole family’’ by David Zucchino, and ‘’The Making of a Marine Officer’’ by Joel Pitney each present the reader with a different view on the notion of serving in the army by encompassing both the negatives and positives of doing so.
Palin, the mother of a deployed soldier, believes that the fundamental motivation to serve stems from the hope of a secured and safe future for one’s family. Continuing this train of thought, she goes on to explain and to emphasize that America is built on an idea; therefore, according to Palin, people in serve feel that they are defending the very concept of America itself when its core values, especially freedom, are at risk.
Zucchino’s article has some resonance with Palin, but he does, however, reveal the drearier sides of serving for one’s country. Telling the story of the veteran Ryan Kahlor, Zucchino shows that some soldiers arrive home devoid of ...view middle of the document...

Taking all the views into consideration, it is obvious that military service reaps both negative and positive effects.

(3) According to the opinions of lieutenant Fick as they are presented in Joel Pitney’s review, the Marine Corps may be ‘’…the last bastion of manhood in American society…’’(l1p6). Can it possibly be true that the military establishments are, in fact, rare teachers of almost extinct character traits such as ‘’honor, courage, brotherhood, and commitment’’(p6l3) which causes plenty of young aspiring people to sign up for military service?
During the last century, the approach to the education and edification of young males has distinctively changed; the weapon of razor sharp discipline has been exchanged for a blunt prodding stick of weak suggestions as to how to behave. Done in the correct manner, strict discipline offers quite the arrangement of benefits such as the ability to complete tedious yet important tasks, for the values becomes ingrained into the individual before one understands their true meaning and purpose. Undoubtedly, the individual can, if he so desires, afterwards leave the disciplined behavior behind when he, on numerous occasions, finds it without any merit.
The way of teaching explained above entices some individuals to join the army, for it breaks down before it builds up, allowing a complete transformation. It forces one to reflect upon one’s intrinsic core values wherein one might find confirmation or faultiness. As Fick suggest, extremes leaves one ‘’better, stronger, and more capable’’ (p6l21).
Turning this observation completely upside-down, one could chip into the discussion that strict discipline only serves to promote robotic and lackluster individuals that are basically unable to think for themselves. If this is so, then the reason to serve becomes much less honorable, for it is then based on the need for guidance. A lost and undefined young man in this wide world may very well sign up for military service in hopes of receiving a clear instruction as to who he is and should be.
These two unusual suggestions are merely a few of a thousand possibilities, for the real reason to fight for one’s country is ultimately a function of one’s life experience, which makes it difficult to assert in a discursive and concrete manner.

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