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Why This Article Is Wrong Essay

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Also in Rich’s article, he gives a lot of examples of what he thinks are cults that have done something violent and he assumes that all of the New Religious Movements will become so violent that whoever goes into these Movements will be killed. “God told Taylor that the best way to overthrow the Mormon church was to adopt Brazilian orphans and train them to be assassins.” (Rich, 40) He wanted to use this group as an example of something that he thinks all New Religious Movement does this type of thing and that all of these New Religious Movements are all about violence and taking their money and their life and then treating them like objects. However, that is just what some of the New Religious Movements may do but not really do. It’s not what these New Religious Movements talk about and it’s not their intentions with what they want to do with their followers. In any New Religious Movements, all of them just mainly want their followers to be about peace and love and not want to hurt anybody. Ellwood and Partin have found that these New Religious Movements have a good purpose in their movement and that they aren’t about violence. One thing they want to focus on helping. “Emphasis on healing. […] Most provide some means of chromatic power to be applied to the healing of mind and body.” (Ellwood, Partin, 15) The New Religious Movements don’t want to have anything to do with violence, most of them want to help people and does not have anything to do with hurting anyone. Some of them focus on healing someone, whether it be in a physical healing or an emotional and mental healing, it’s about help. Just because there has been a few instances that some of the New Religious Movements has ended in a horrible tragedy, doesn’t mean that all of these other New Religious Movements will end like that or have anything like that happen to their followers. Rich wants to make them all look violent so people would think that they are all violent and would think to avoid them. However, New Religious Movements aren’t really violent.
In the article “The Man...

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