Why To Select Third Party Tools To Manage Server And Networking Infrastructure?

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Microsoft has equipped the organizations with the Windows server operating system and other server tools like Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, etc. In addition, there are inbuilt server tools like DNS Server, DHCP Server, File Server, and Active Directory to create a complete networking infrastructure inside an organization. However, the server and networking management using the traditional Microsoft tools become obsolete at a level. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how these tools fail to serve the purpose and why the need of using third party tools arises.
1. Managing Users in Large Organizations
Let us suppose a case of a large organization has fifty different ...view middle of the document...

This manual auditing using the native tool will consume a lot of time and resources.
Where are the issues?
The IT helpdesk has to bear a big burden in both of these scenarios discussed above. If they’re asked to address the daily IT issues along with the above tasks, then there will a bottleneck situation for sure. Yes, there are different commands and scripts available online at Microsoft’s TechNet Library but require a lot of time to execute.
The Preferred Alternative
The best alternative available to the IT helpdesk and to non-technical users for managing the server and networking infrastructure is the usage of third party tools. One can find different free/paid utilities from the trusted vendors to manage the servers. These tools will not only feature bulk object management but also helps in auditing the servers for the regulatory compliances.
For example, Lepide Active Directory Manager allows creating, deleting, or modifying the hundreds of users at once. It also helps the administrators to perform bulk group management and bulk computer management. This is the perfect tool for the first scenario...

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