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Why To Study In A Same Gender College Is Not A Good Idea?

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I got the chance to select an American college to study my civil engineering major. I had the option to choose from a diverse list of one hundred colleges, on which female colleges were included. Once I told my advisor I was interested on leadership and engineering she promptly specified I should apply to a specific female college. It looked interesting, I got amazed by the fact women were being scientists and great thinkers without the help of males. That situation was the opposite from my countries beliefs. Women was not capable for engineering or anything related to math.
As the research and enthusiasm about this special college continued, I got to realize something that completely ...view middle of the document...

There is lack of male presence. Which according to the female’s colleges it benefits the concentration and development of their female students. Therefore students get the change to focus and compete in other things such as their physical appearance.
“There is view of single-sex environments as harmful because they provide an artificial world in which gender differences are reified as legitimate bases for disparate treatment” (Bigler, 2011). That was the position stated on Bigler in her essay about a feminist cases, on which feminist activist claimed that female students are not being prepare for the real world. They get an ideal college environment which is not affected by the males’ challenges and influences. Situation that weakens the practical skills of those students. Hence, the question of whether are those schools preparing those girls for facing real life situation, which include the male influence, or are they just simply trying to protect them from not feeling defeated from male rivalry, is established.
Streitmatter found in his research that: “…the girls in a single-sex classroom had the sense of ownership of their class…” (Stretimatter 2002). Based on Streitmatter results it can also be question what would happened with the behavior of those girls once they get to a mixed environment? Will they perform the same with the male presence? They are not getting the change of knowing how to perform at whatever situation.
Female colleges will cause on their students to go through situation on which they will struggles by communication and solving issues at their real life jobs, this is another reason why those colleges are not very effective. (Personal Interview) A student from a female college stated that at her high school she used to be in a mixed school, but once she got to a place full of girls she felt she was lacking of a male perspective. It was necessary to interact with boys in relation with their strong personalities and opinions, especially at her...

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