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Why To Vote For Barack Obama

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Listen up voters!! What I am about to say may or may not change your lives but it might change the earth's life. All of you should vote for Barrack Obama because on his stand on immigration he believes that they deserve respect, they can take jobs that Americans don't want and they can help the economy. Now you might wondering what is immigration. Let me tell you the short and simple definition and that is to enter and settle in a country that is not native . The reason we do this is because we feel that as more and more people come from different countries it makes our state feel more international (Alfred), meaning we love to have people come from different countries and tell them about our religion . So please as you continue to read, read all the good things that Obama feels that he can do.Immigrants can provide cheap labor for low paying jobs that Americans don't want. For starters if immigrants did not graduate from high school, they can still get a job under any circumstances (Martin). Also having immigrants here makes our whole sate better because the immigrants and their labor make the prices for food, clothing, etc stay at cheap and have supplies available (Midgley). Lastly, ever since the immigrants are here they have invested technologies new that make more people want to come here (Martin).In other cases immigrants are human beings and deserve respect. A lot of people say if that person is an immigrant than he/she can't talk to me. Well in that case that's being mean even if that person is different then you he/she deserves respect. Also citizens of America (non immigrants) always get jealous because immigrants are foreigners so they start talking while the other just watch and get jealous (Martin). So they are know getting attention, which makes them feel at home. Lastly, they are the ones that have created these new technologies so give them some respect (Duignan). Also whether people think that immigrants are viewed as a threat they still acknowledge its history as a nation (Duignan).My last reason is...

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