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Why Two Scientists Can Have Differing Opinions Creative Writing Essay

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P20 Essay – Topic 2
The mantra of science comes from having relevant data analysis to find objective answers. In practice, scientists can agree that the interpretation of data is a difficult feat of its own, let alone pointing towards a concrete conclusion. Two scientists can use the same logic, dataset, and aspects of nature; yet, draw different conclusions to the same matter. “Logic, while very pretty, is by itself quite useless. Logic is self-contained, and doesn’t by itself hook onto the material world”1. This line stated by Boris Castel implicates the following in reference to the topic: although two scientists can use the same logic, their application of that logic into the real world is what actually differs between the two. A scientist’s belief in creationism, a scientist’s biases, and a scientist’s quality of research are all reasons why a group of scientists can profoundly disagree with one another using the same logic, and same observations of the aspects of nature.
Let’s start off with how a scientist’s belief in God influences the conclusions being made. A great example of this is Charles Darwin’s idea of natural selection and evolution that offset the creationist’s understanding of human life. In the 1900’s biologists spent a lot of time trying to disprove the theory of natural selection as it went against their religious values; however, there were no alternative theories that were superior to it 2. In the 1940’s, the tables had turned when biologists started to make sense of Charles Darwin’s theory, it was not long before most if not all biologists accepted Darwinism 2. Natural selection is a respected theory that is strongly supported to this day, but the question arises why biologists were not able to accept the theory earlier in the 1900’s. There were groups of scientists/biologists who were using the same logic and were observing the same natural aspects of the concept of natural selection yet coming up with different conclusions. This is because some groups of scientists believed in a God and this theory required a paradigm shift within their beliefs in order for them to accept the theory. The fact natural selection was able to explain the creation of life excluding the spiritual forces it was commonly believed to have acquired did not settle well with the creationists. Hence, even after having the logic provided by Charles Darwin in the 1900’s, the belief in a creator was the underlying reason about why both groups of peoples had differing opinions.
Additionally, a scientist’s biases in opinion impacts the conclusion that is drawn from the same data set. This argument is better explained by a research project that was conducted by Raphael Silberzah of IESE Business School. Within this project, the researchers “recruited 61 analysts and asked them to assess whether soccer referees were more likely to give red cards to players with darker skin tones. The analysts split up into 29 teams, and were given a dataset that included...

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