Why U.S. Must Stay Its Course In Iraq

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The U.S. lead war in Iraq is a very hot topic today around the globe. It seems as if everyone has something to say about the Bush administration, weather it be good or bad. Many people seem to think that America should pull out of Iraq since it is not the United States place to be over there trying to rebuild a country that is not ours. But if these people could just simply be provided with the facts and the reasoning behind going to war with Iraq, many people wouldn't feel as if the war was unjustified, and they would also see that it is necessary for the United States to stay its course in Iraq. Some activist groups are saying that the United States should pull its troops out of Iraq because soldiers are being killed. However, in any war it is inevitable that some soldiers are unfortunately not going to make it home, but that is something that all soldiers know is a possibility when entering into the army or marines. Only a small percentage of Iraqis don't want the United States help in rebuilding the country. It is unfair to the Iraqi people that want America's help if we don't listen to them but only listen to the small amount of people that don't want us in their country. Another important and strong point is why should the United States pull out of Iraq if we have done so many great things for the Iraqi people? For example, America has opened many schools to educate both young boys and girls. For little girls in this country this is a first. Hospitals have also been open because of the United States help (Bennett). The Shiite majority, which makes up sixty percent of all Iraqi people, are no longer being persecuted and have now returned to their ancient ways of life due to the U.S. intervention in Iraq. U.S. has also established governing councils at the local levels all over the country (Christopher). Iraqi people are verbally fighting amongst one another to get on these councils. These are the first signs of democracy. One of the most greatest things the United States has done is freed the Iraqi people from a mean and ruthless dictator, Saddam Hussein. The third...

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