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Tom Bissell presents an article in 2010, to college students of which is “Why Video Games Matter.” Bissell isn’t intending for the argument to be about video game criticism, the history of the gaming, or an assessment of anything. On the contrary, he wants to articulate his own opinions and thoughts on what playing games feels like, why he plays them, and the questions they make him think about. Being a gamer myself, I have also endured the struggles of what being obsessed with a video game feels like. It is understood that when first purchasing a video game, all one thinks about is getting home and popping it in the console, disregarding everything else that is happening in the vicinity. ...view middle of the document...

” According to Bissell, the freedom that the player undergoes while playing these games can create “time-eating viruses”. For instance one happens to start playing a game at 12’o clock and look up and its 7 pm! Where did the time pass? Articles like these are depicted to speak to college students and adults alike. Moreover, Bissell is describing the emotions and feelings brought about in participating in video game activity. College students, when not overwhelmed with work, have free time and can sometimes indulge most of that time in shooting enemies or in racing exhilarating super-cars. Bissell explains, “My rationalization was that, provided a game was fun to play, certain failures could be overlooked (358).” This is truly how gamers think.
The author of this essay, is not intending to persuade the reader to feel a type of way. What he is expressing ideally are his opinions on said games. Yet, one is somewhat persuaded, because of how he speaks, clarifies, and uses rhetoric in his writing. It really makes someone want to stop what they are doing and get on the nearest gaming system. In fact, it is consolidating to know that he isn’t characterizing the game as just a game, but an aesthetic and an art. Tom Bissell questions himself, “To what part of me do games speak, and on which frequency (361)?” We all would like to know the answer to this question, because there have been so many games, some...

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