Why Was 911 Chosen To Be The Emergency Number For The U.S.?

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"Get me the police". Prior to the rotary dial many people all over the country had to wait for operator assistance when placing a phone call. Creating an emergency number was a sufficient way of connecting to an emergency personnel’s. Before the emergency number was established the caller dependency for an emergency contact was the operator. The caller would have to wait for assistance and then tell the operator the number of whom they wish to be connected to. In case of emergency the caller could simply reply with the emergency service name and get help. In 1967, the President's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice suggested that a "particular number be established" generally for exposure of emergency situations. As a result of the colossal attention in this concern the President's Commission on Civil Disorders turned to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a clarification. In November of 1967 FCC met with the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) to find a way of establishing a universal emergency number that may possibly be implemented promptly. Later congress passed a law identifying 9-1-1 to be the standard emergency contact number for the United States of America. By the end of the 20th century nearly 93% of the U.S was covered with some type of 9-1-1 service. So, whenever there are an emergency occurring citizen’ young and old have access to the universal emergency number. This is a telephone number to be used for immediate access to help and assistance when an accident or serious problem occurs. Children can be taught to dial 9-1-1 when life and/or property are in immediate danger. In addition to, being in danger it defeats the purpose of having an emergency number.
The purpose of the 911 Act is to improve public safety by encouraging and facilitating the punctual consumption of a national, flawless communications system for emergency services. Wikipedia defines Public Safety as it involves the prevention of and protection from events that could endanger the safety of the general public from significant danger, injury/harm, or damage, such as crimes or disasters (natural or man-made). So what do emergency services have to do with public safety? Protecting the general public and first responders is the number one duty of public safety agencies. Law enforcement and Fire officials are accountable for disaster management and disaster response however; getting the accurate information, at the precise moment for a successful and secure response that eventually protects and saves lives is intricacy. So, when placing a phone call to emergency personnel remain calm and speak clearly. Know your name, address, phone number, address to where the emergency occurred and any other information that may be requested. Do not grow inpatient and angry. Please remember that the call taker is professional and any information they ask for is for a quick response to your emergency. In some incidents you may be...

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