“Why We As Australians Shouldn’t Be So Opposed To Asylum Seekers.”

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Australia has committed 143 human rights violations, and has started to ruin our national reputation. Nobody wants to be called a racist. Unfortunately, many people worldwide are calling Australians exactly that. If one looks at Australian history, they will see that our white ancestors weren’t really racially tolerant at all, which left us with a bad reputation as racists. We’ve worked for many years to change how the world sees us as a country, but now we’ve undone all of that hard work by deciding to turn back the boats. However, by doing this, we’ve not only been called racists, but we’ve also broken international human rights laws that we swore not to break with the UN, severed ...view middle of the document...

The U.N. has called on Australia to change how they’re dealing with illegal immigrants, and so far, the government hasn’t even made it look like they’re doing anything about it. In fact, refugees not only have equal rights to everyone else, but they have special refugee rights, including the right “Not to be returned to their country if their safety can’t be guaranteed”, “The right not to be penalised for illegally entering a county if they request asylum”, “The right to a standard of living adequate to the health and wellbeing of the person and family...” and many more. Is it really worth breaking these laws and violating human rights just because we don’t want these people in our country?
Do we really want to be seen as a cruel, xenophobic people?

Our relationship with Indonesia has fallen to an all-time low.
Recently, NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden released documents showing that ASIO had bugged Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife’s telephones, which struck a devastating blow to our international ties. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono recently said that turning the boats back into Indonesia was simply not an option. One would think that after a deplorable incident like this, and hearing that statement, we’d make more of an effort to help asylum seekers coming from their country, and stop turning their boats back. However, if one thought that, they’d (almost unsurprisingly) be wrong.
It’s gotten to the point where we’re doing it callously. About a week ago, a small boat was intercepted and then destroyed, and all of the people onboard were taken onto an Australian naval ship, where they claimed to have been abused by the guards. After a few days of living in substandard conditions in the ship, they were then stuffed into a tiny orange lifeboat, told to go to a certain island, which they thought was Christmas island,...

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