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Why We Read Further Uma4guma@yahoo.com English 100 March 8, 2002 Steven King Knew who his audience was; furthermore, he successfully caught their attention and kept it. King's article was first published in playboy magazine. King was not writing for religious folks nor was he attempting to catch the eyes of single mothers or conservatives. King was, however, writing for men and women who are likely to be in their twenties and thirties. King is writing for those who read Playboy Magazine, before ogling over the pictures of bare breasted women. The devices used by king to catch and hold the audience's attention are, fear, dark humor, and examples that one can relate to.King's article starts by reaching out to his readers and grabbing hold of their worst realistic fears. No one wants to be judged as insane: in fact, many people will act like total lunatics just to prove how sane they really are. In order to effectively prove his point king brings up some common fears that plague people in general. King mentions reptiles, which have fascinated yet spooked mankind at the same time for generations. The he moves swiftly along letting the claustrophobics know he too is writing whit them in mind. As if that's not enough, King clearly moves in for the clincher as he brings up the common fear of the unknown. Almost everyone has seen has seen a film or read a book about man eating creatures that feature worms or snakes. Kings reference to the worms that waiting to nibble at fermenting flesh is meant to insight fear into the week stomached individuals who dare to read Kings writing. In one short paragraph king effectively used ones fears to keep his audience begging for more.In order to keep his audience reading, rather that thumbing directly to the centerfold, King places the reader in a mental movie theater. He uses clear details to place readers in the best seats. One can almost feel their feet sticking to the floor as they lift their foot. Now that King has used fear to rid the fragile he utilizes dark humor. Just after mentioning Famed murders Jack the Ripper and the Cleveland Torso Murder he gives a chuckle and mentions that they have never been caught. If King's intent is to create fear in the minds of his readers, causing them to wonder why they crave horror movies when the world already contains so much evil, the he is successful. If people had no fears or worries...

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