Why I Chose To Be Married

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Why Do I Choose to Be MarriedA hundred years ago, single men and women married each other for practical reasons. Women, with no hope of becoming educated or having a career, chose men who would be good providers. Men needed someone to take care of the home, cook and bear children to carry on the family name. However, these days, time has changed. Most women have become financially independent. It appears that both men and women have become more impractical about why they want to marry someone-such as love, emotion, pressure from family or peers, citizenship, etc. I am a bride-to-be at the end of this year, and if you ask me the question "why do you want to tie the knot?" as a woman with a "half traditional and half avant-garde" concept, my answer is: love, financial security and life-long commitment.First of all, Love, perhaps is the most important of all reasons for having a marriage; above financial, religious, legal or biological considerations factor, love is the greatest drivers for most woman to say "Yes, I do.", and I am not an exception. Dating, being in a committed relationship and promising to love each other till no end may naturally result in marriage-it's all because of the overpowering feeling of love.Secondly, financial security. It may sound like a sort of passive reason for people to get married; however, as a woman with financial independency living in a world of uncertainty, though I am not sure to call it a...

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