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Why We Crave Horror Movies Essay

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A tumbleweed crosses the path of four sheriffs marching to their deaths; they march without fear and with pistols strapped at their waists. As they march all the town's folks watch in awe over what is about to occur. Finally, at the end of their march the four sheriffs have arrived at the O.K. Corral. Awaiting them are four red bandana-wearing men who begin to stare the sheriffs down. Continuing to stare each other down a silence begins to fall between the eight men. In the midst of the silence, the eight men draw their hands closer to their pistol wearing waists. With an itchy trigger finger, one of the sheriffs winks at one of the bandana wearing men. Startled in anger at the sheriffs' ...view middle of the document...

King believes if this dark side is not fed by horror movies then it will overwhelm and gain control over us. If what King argues is true then he provides not only an explanation for why are more popular than cowboy movies films but also for why we watch them. To a certain extent, I agree with King's reasoning that we watch horror movies to feed and control our dark sides. BLANK The main reason for why I agree with King's reasoning is due to his past success with horror films.
One of King's possibly most successful horror films is the movie Carrie. The film Carrie focused on a girl gifted with telekinesis that is constantly bullied in high school, and lashes out at her bullies by killing them with her telekinetic gift. Though the movie's content might not sound scary, it was a complete scare in the audience eyes. Lucuis Gore a film critic for Esplatter reviewed Carrie and admitted," "Carrie" of the best horror films of the 1970s." Film critics Blake French, Richard Schickel, and Andrew Collins made reviews about Carrie that were similar to Gore's. Carrie's ability to be well received by film critics proves that King might know why we watch horror films. In Entertainment Blurr's article "Horror Movies Suck" they pointed out," horror movies are supposed to be scary… it’s a tricky feeling to achieve ...therefore... people might find...horror movies pointless and laughable." According to Entertainment Blurr the task of making a horror movie scary is difficult. If a horror film fails to be scary, audiences might laugh at the movie's content. For King to have a scary movie be described by critics as being successfully scary, shows that he clearly understands why we watch horror films. If King did not understand why we watch them, then the movie Carrie would have not been so highly praised by audiences for being scary. King does not need credentials to show he understands why we watch horror movies; through the past success of his movies, he has proven he understands. Based off King's past of making successful horror films like Carrie, the beliefs he has that we watch horror films to feed and control our fears could be true.
Deep within the recesses of our minds, we have closed behind locked doors the nightmare that woke us up as children. This nightmare could have been the boogeyman kidnapping us in our sleep, or going to school in our underwear. Whatever our nightmare may have been, it is a part of our dark side and a reason for why we watch horror movies. King claims, "When we pay our four or five bucks and seat ourselves... in a theater showing a horror movie we are daring the nightmare. Why...To show that we can, that we are not afraid"( King 324). According to King the reason, why we watch horror movies is to challenge and control our nightmares. By challenging our nightmares, we are showing ourselves that it no longer has control over us. The belief King has that we watch horror movies to gain control over our nightmares, I find to be...

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