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Why We Do What We Do?

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Rule #1: My Age When we are three, we often call our relatives by different names than what we would at twenty. This simple fact dictates my first rule. In my kinship terminology, I apply this rule to my mother, father, and sister. When I was younger, I addressed to them as Mommy, Daddy, and Sis. Today, I address them as Mom, Dad, and Breann.Rule #2: Habit This is the exception to my first rule. Some of the silly names that I called relatives when I was younger happened to stick around into adulthood. In my kinship terminology, I apply this rule to my grandmother, Jean, and my aunt, Deena. As a child, I called my grandmother "Jean" because it was easier to say than grandma. Today, I still call her Jean out of pure habit. This is also true of my aunt, whom I called "Aunt Dee" because it was easier to say than Aunt Deena. Today, I still call her Aunt Dee out of pure habit as well.Rule #3: Informality I am from a very informal family. We do not have a formal dining room, big dinner parties, or wear fancy clothes. I think that the casual environment of my family lends to a very casual kinship terminology system. Forty of the fifty-nine kin on my list are people I address solely on an informal, first name basis. This is true even of my husband's family, whom I feel just as close to as my own family. Unlike most families, age does not automatically merit a specific title in my family. Of course, like any other rule, there are a handful of exceptions, which leads me to my fourth rule.Rule #4: The Old-Fashioned Family Members In my family, there are a few old-fashioned members who prefer to be addressed with a little bit more respect than the average person. These people wish to be addressed with a particular title of their own choosing. In my family, these people include some of my husband's grandparents. All of which, wish to be referred to as "grandma/grandpa" followed by their last name.Rule #5: The Individual's Attitude There are also several people in family that are or were a little more stubborn and argumentative than the average person. These individuals have the ability to change attitudes with the drop of a hat; thus, also changing my kinship terminology. When their attitude towards other people turns hostile, my kinship terminology changes as well. In my family, my grandmother, Judy, and my grandfather, Prier, fit perfectly under this rule. When they are being civil people, I address them as grandma and grand-dad. When their attitude turns mean-natured, I address them as Judy and Prier.Rule #6: I Just Plain Do Not Like Them Sadly enough, there are a couple of people in my family that I just do not like. These people are, in actuality, very closely related to me, but they have at some point turned into someone whom I would rather not be related to. I guess that...

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