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Why I Liked "The Scarlete Ibis” By Hurst

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I am an intense guy that lives for downhill racing and extreme sports. My favorite kind of short story is a serious one and that’s why I like “The Scarlete Ibis” by Hurst, James. Elements of Literature. Third Corse. Ed, James Anderson. Austin, Holt, Rienhart and Winston, 1989. (168). The Scarlete Ibis is about a little boy that has a health problem when he is born, and his relentless brother helper him through life and made him big and strong.
The first thing I like about this story is the characters. The main character was William the young boy that has a health problem; he was an amazing boy that fights for life through thick and thin! He was born with what the doctors said “a small heart”(169) and “was not all there”(169). Even though his parent changed Williams name to Doodle because nobody would expect much from somebody named Doodle. He proved to his parents that he was all there and there was still hope for him and he wasn’t totally broken. But the problem with his heart still challenged him because if the young boy even sat up he could die. So every time Doodle pushed to sit up his parents looked down at him like it was there last. As Doodle got older he didn’t learn how to walk because that could kill him too. The on person that helped Doodle have a chance at life was his older brother. He helped him somewhat for his own good but I also think he felt sorry for Doodle. Doodle got strong and learned how to walk and other things. His parents supported him the whole way. Doodles aunt, Aunt Nicey, who is good at pointing out the negatives but also encouraged Doodle.
The foreshadowing in this story made it intense just the way I like it. The clues in the story were all about Doodle. It all started when the Scarlete Ibis was up in the Bleeding tree in the front yard and all of a...

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