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"Why We Must Invade Iraq," By Ron Marr, Critical Analysis Paper

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In his argument, "Why we must invade Iraq," the writer, Mr. Ron Marr, states his position on the impending war by listing several key reasons as to why the United States of America must invade Iraq. In his attempt to persuade his audience, Marr refers to Saddam Hussein as a "heinous monster" and a "sociopath" who he states is not only a threat to bordering countries, but someone who has also caused harm and deadly harm to perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent people, including his own. Marr states that the heads of state in Western Europe and members of the United Nations opt not to part take in this war because they are cowards and are envious of the United States. He expresses views that Hussein was given more than enough time to comply with UN resolutions and that the time for diplomacy has expired. He states that it is time to rid the world of the anti human rights Hussein, and that the other "powers to be" would not attempt, as they are not equipped, to stand in the way of the liberal United States of America. In his conclusion, Marr states that some wars must be fought and he makes an appeal to US citizens to renew the message that the US is a nation that is firmly dedicated to liberty both at home and abroad.Marr's argument/thesis is driven by a claim of policy stating why the United States must invade Iraq. His purpose is to inform his audience of what Hussein has done in the past and his current capabilities. His purpose is also to discredit anti-war advocates by questioning their motives in a combined effort to persuade his audience as to why the US must invade Iraq. In support of his thesis, he uses a series of opinions, examples, or rhetorical questions which he answers, "yes"; that are mostly factual claims. For example, his first support point, "Does Saddam Hussein mutilate, terrorize and butcher his own people? Yes," can be interpreted as, "Saddam Hussein mutilates, terrorizes and butchers his own people." This is a factual claim because it is not a proven fact in his argument. There is no evidence presented in his argument that supports this statement. However, he uses this and several other claims and opinions in an attempt to persuade his US audience as to why they must invade Iraq and "depose" Hussein. The use of this factual claim stating what Hussein is doing to his own people would immediately gain the reader's attention. This claim appeals to the reader's emotions because of its graphical rawness and obvious implications. This would lead the reader to wonder, "If Hussein would do this to his own people....imagine what he would do to someone...who tried to topple his regime in the past." Again, these and other statements make Marr's argument persuasive as he forces his readers to side with him based on the type of support he presents.Additionally, Marr continues his support by stating that Hussein is a threat to countries that it borders; and that these countries are vital to US interests. These statements appeal to his...

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