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Why We Need Freedom Of Speech

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Our Founding Fathers signed a highly important document on September 17, 1787 which consisted of ideas that were unique at that time. It formed a new government that prospered for over 200 years. This document, the Constitution, gives Americans rights at birth that lasts until the day they die. Arguably, the most important right is in Amendment I, specifically, the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech gives one the right to express or say their opinions with no restraint. Americans across the nation use this right everyday from having bumper stickers on their cars to protesting for what they believe in. We, as Americans, need limit freedom of speech. Positive components of it are that it ...view middle of the document...

The right of free speech protected Tinker and her friends’ rights and it continues to protect every American’s rights. This case reminds everyone that it okay to express your thoughts even if someone tries to take those rights away. Your opinions are highly important and so is free speech.
Freedom of speech also is a way for citizens to check, or limit, the government. This consists of protesting against the government and knowing its plans. Checking is extremely important because it prevents the government from becoming too powerful. The court case called Pentagon Papers is an ideal example of limiting the government. The New York Times commented on this case, “I think that the court's ruling was appropriate, necessary, eloquent, justified and dispositive. The judgment was made not on the narrow issue of wiretapping, but on the totality of Government misconduct” (Arnold 1). In this case, journalists Dr. Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo Jr stole secret government documents regarding national security and leaked it out to the public on New York Times and Washington Post. Ellsberg and Russo thought that the American people deserved to know about the secrets that the government was hiding from them. They were found not guilty because they had used their freedom of speech and press as also explained in the article written by Arnold. Freedom of speech held great significance in this case. It limited the government’s powers by letting the people know more about their government. Consequently, freedom of speech checks the government so they do not become too dominant. Freedom of speech is important and there are reasons why we should not limit it.
Hate speech, anti-gay speech for example, is a huge problem in our country. This also falls under the category of free speech. Many say that the government should limit this type of speech. That plan would work out perfectly but nevertheless,...

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