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Why We Shouldn’t Raise Minimum Wage

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What would be so bad about raising minimum wage, it sounds good and all? Raising the minimum wage can hurt Americans more than it can help them. The people for raising minimum wage are people who believe that increasing minimum wage can help those people who are generally unskilled and need an income they can live on, but raising minimum wage would do the opposite and make employers have to fire people who earn minimum wage, because they can’t afford the higher wages. People need to realize that increasing the minimum wage would hurt people more than help them, because in the end increasing it would result in some people being let go because business can’t afford paying them minimum wage.

The people, who are for raising the minimum wage, are people who think that the reason for poverty is because of the minimum wage not being high enough. The first standard minimum wage was formed under the “Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, the nationwide minimum wage was designed to lift millions of American workers out of poverty and to simulate the economy”(Wittner). Today the people for raising minimum wage believe that there should be another “Fair Labor Standards Act” to raise the national minimum wage to ten dollars and seventy-four cents, which they believe should have already happened to keep up with the increasing inflation over the years (Wittner). In fact the congress is thinking about raising the minimum wage, but already about 120 cities have put in place a “living wage ordinance” which makes employers having to pay a higher minimum wage then the federal or state(Wittner).

Another reason people who want the minimum wage to increase is because they think that Americans, who are hard workers, should deserve a higher pay for their work (Stern, Andy).The supporters of minimum wage believe the raising it would not hurt Americans jobs but it would help people get jobs. A supporter of raising minimum wage is Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize-winning economist who summarizes a study done about increasing minimum wage, said:” The great preponderance of the evidence... points to little if any negative effect of minimum wage increases on employment"(qtd in Wittner). The statement about “little if any negative effect of minimum wage increases on employment” might be true but there are a lot of other people who might disagree with that (Wittner).

It is true that raising minimum wage would help hardworking Americans earn a better paycheck for their work, but this is if they can keep their jobs, because if wages go up business won’t be able to have as many employees because they can’t pay for them all. There are many different bills for increasing minimum wage from state to state or a general increase across the country by the federal government. The wages range from nine-fifteen dollars, which is a big increase from today’s wage seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour (American Enterprise). Again this might seem it would be a good thing...

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