Why We Shouldnt Pay College Athletes

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Let’s take the quarterback from the University of Alabama and a swimmer from the University of Alabama. How would you pay both fairly? Most would say don’t pay the swimmer because they don’t bring in as much revenue for their school, but both are receiving the same amount of scholarship money, logging same amount of practice hours, and working just as hard. Even though they both work just as hard, some smaller schools like Arizona State University, don’t bring in as much and would have no way to pay every athlete in every sport considering ASU has about five hundred athletes in twenty one different sports (Johnson). That means if the NCAA would make every college pay every athlete five ...view middle of the document...

Those who don’t get scholarships mostly get student loans and have a lot of debt after their college years. Those who get a scholarship should be very grateful because even if they don’t go professional in their sport they wont have years of paying off debt. Though college athletes don’t have the time to get a job, when you think about it, there really isn’t much college athletes would actually have to pay for if they are smart with their money. With the scholarship the athletes get a meal plan and room and board. Even if the athlete comes from a town of poverty he or she can still make it without a job (Johnson). I agree one hundred percent with Torr on what he says could happen if college athletes get paid “you give a bunch of teenage, wannabe professional athletes a stipend and a significant portion of that money will be going directly to the local ‘pharmacist’ for steroids and marijuana. (Torr 67-68)” Meaning if you paid them some athletes would abuse the money and not use it for necessities, instead drugs and alcohol.
Many people believe to have viable reasons to pay college athletes. Like how much money these big time athletes bring in for their university. Just through ticket sales alone The University Of Notre Dame brings in twenty million dollars per year (Bedoya). While just playing in a bowl game can earn you six million dollars. As Bedoya claims NBC pays The University Of Notre Dame around fifteen million dollars to televise all of their home games. This alone accounts for about forty two million dollars on football alone, not even taking into consideration the jersey sales. In 2013, EA sports release their annual NCAA Football 13. As normal it was a success with over five hundred thousand copies sold, at just around sixty dollars a copy (Johnson). With no consent from the athletes EA sports makes billions of dollars off college athletes. In a way it feels like...

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