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Why We Use Identical Applications Essay

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The two comparisons for my communications task are applications based upon the sharing of various types of personal media. Instagram and Vine are both prime examples of computer mediated communication which has become a part of everyday life. Research has suggested that CMC is not neutral: it can cause many changes in the way people communicate with one another, and it can influence communication patterns and social networks.In other words, CMC leads to social effects (University of Twente, 2014). As a society we are continuously moving forward in terms of social media and these are just two of the apps which assist us in doing so.

Instagram is based upon a dark aqua blue background with back and white to represent various icons with produces a visually pleasing colour contrast. Where as Vine is dark aqua green with white and colourful icons. One of the features that makes Instagram so successful and the top photo sharing application is the polaroid square picture frame which is applied to every photo uploaded. This creates a professional appeal which also allows a vintage overlay for the younger generations. Vine is based around a more colourful prospect that allows for easy navigation and bright contrasting in menus. Both applications have a general feed of their media which is a simple scroll down design that is distinct in the majority of applications on media devices.

Sharing short videos for roughly six seconds is the major feature of vine which is organised by the topic of interest dependent on the user. Though despite the category, the predominant of videos are all comedy based as they become the most popular. This then influences which videos are exposed to the user. Instagram however produces a feed with the majority being photos of significant events or objects. These photos are often filtered for a stylistic look which is more visually pleasing. Occasionally there is a three to fifteen second uploaded video but this is a rare occurrence. The significant difference between the two applications is that Instagram is allowing a feed of media from people who are specifically chosen by the user. Where as Vine is based upon the most popular videos across the world rather than your chosen producers.

The language and characteristics of the applications are relatively similar but contain their own unique style relevant to their program. Instagram has short captions under the media to caption the video or photo. It is often followed by hashtags which have one significant word following it to categorise the media. A hashtag can then be searched which allows anyone to see the latest photos with that certain word. Tagging other users is...

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