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Why Were Jews And Christians Separated In The Elizabethan Time Period?

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I. My Question
“Well Ashley, Jews and Christians did not get along in the Elizabethan time period,” said my parish priest. Once I heard this, I was determined to research more information. I knew that Jews and Christians have always had their differences in what they believed religiously. I questioned myself what did each religious group believe in? What did they agree with? What do they disagree on? I knew that persecutions took place in the past for what a religious group may stick up for. I need to find out more on why they were persecuted for sticking up for what they believed in and expressing their values.
From all of the things I have listed, I was able to form my research question: Why were Jews and Christians separated in the Elizabethan time period? Later I was able to form an answer.
II. My Search Process
My search took about one week. I began my research by doing some background reading on This website gave me information that led up to the Elizabethan time period.
From there I did an online search, why were the Jews and Christians separated in Shakespeare’s time in the Google search engine. Of the many sites that were available, I chose to use the Queen Elizabeth I – Jews and Catholics. On this site, the information on the Jews and Catholics was well organized, there were many head topics with information following making it very easy to understand, and it provided some answers to my question. This website had Elizabethan Era Copyright information along with a privacy statement. With this listed I knew I was on a website with valuable information that I could use.
Throughout the week, I researched the city of Venice. On the Google search engine, I searched the Jewish history of Venice. By searching this topic, I figured I could read more background information on the city and connect the city with the Jewish background. Of the many websites that were listed, I decided to click on the first link which was the virtual Jewish history tour. On this site, I read about the early history of Venice. After reading this information, I gathered information on what jobs Jews were allowed to do.
At the end of the week, I figured I should push myself and look at outside resources. I decided I should look for a book instead of researching more online. I talked to my school librarian and I looked though the card catalog under Shakespeare. With many cards, I decided to research Shakespeare and Catholicism, where I would be able to relate Catholicism to Shakespeare’s time.
Throughout this process, I didn’t understand the directions clearly about citing throughout the paper. I thought the “journal” was just kind of getting your ideas together, collecting information, and then on the “rough draft” you would add in more citations as well as create the paper. I did go back and refresh my memory on how to cite different ways throughout my paper with the MLA format, which I don’t use when normally citing. For...

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