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Why Won’t He Help Me? Essay

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John Milton is the greatest poet of all time. Oddly enough, he wanted to be as great as Homer or Virgil and be remembered like they were. Milton had this thing called Photographic Memory, so he remembered everything he had ever read. He even spends six straight years just reading every book he could get his hands on. However, he ended up becoming blind because when he did read the only lighting he had was candle light so he literally read his eyes out. Yet, this was before he could do something great, so he rounded up his daughters and he had him write down an epic poem he had written in his head. This poem his daughters penciled down for him is known as Paradise Lost, a poem about the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible. The epic poem expresses the idea of Satan being an angel who had just fallen because he and other angels started a war against God because they didn’t want to serve him, so they plan to corrupt mankind to get revenge on God and their mission is successful, but it was part of God’s plan. However, if God is apparently all powerful, and all loving, why doesn’t He help the people in need? Why is there death and sickness and if He has the ability, why doesn’t He do anything about it? Milton tries to justify God’s ways to mankind through this poem, or in other words, Milton’s theodicy as defined by Joseph Kett, “The declared aim of the poet John Milton in his poem Paradise Lost. Milton tries to explain why God allowed the Fall of Man.” (Kett, Joseph F). John Milton’s theodicy from Paradise Lost can be broken up into three key components: event’s before the fall of man, events in the Garden of Eden, and lastly what happens after the fall.
The first component of Milton’s Theodicy from Paradise Lost is the events that happen before the fall and introduction of Eden. Milton starts with Satan and his followers coming out of the lake of fire in hell after God has banished them from Heaven as said by the author, Cato Marks, “The Seven Angels re- interpret Milton's celestial warfare and their subsequent banishment.” (Marks, Cato). After this they begin discussing what they should do next. Some say that they should start another war, while others want to make a heaven out of hell and remain at peace. All that they knew is that they didn’t want to go back to Heaven because they felt it was, “Better to reign in Hell, than Serve in Heav’n” (Book 1, pg. 12, lines 263). Another option that was brought up was when they heard the news of a new planet that God had created, Earth that has been inhabited with humans. Satan immediately wants to check this place out, so he flies off to Eden. All of these events are a part of Theodicy starting with how God had banished Satan and his followers because they had rebelled against him making this action of his justifiable. This draws to the conclusion that if people do bad deeds, there will be consequences. However this still doesn’t answer the question on why good people are sometimes punished...

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