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Why You Should Get Organised Essay

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Organization is a critical skill to learn! One of my biggest challenges in life has always been keeping things neat and putting items back in their place. I tend to look at myself as an idea man and as a result sometimes struggle to keep up with the world around me. It is easy to let things pile up and to not work on organizing my house, bedroom, or office.I keep aiming to improve and to keep forming good habits for myself, like putting things away and making sure I know where everything is suppose to go. If you've had a problem like me it is a very good idea to learn how to get organized and to make an effort to improve yourself.But why? Why is organization such a big deal? I've thought about it, and here are 8 reasons why we can all benefit by maintaining a more organized lifestyle.1. Keep IdeasAs I stated earlier I have always considered myself to be an idea man. I come up with new ideas all the time and either act on them, throw them away, or use them to generate new ideas. The problem I've ran into when I was disorganized is that I was having trouble keeping my ideas around.Sure, I can write down any idea I have so I can look at it later. But if I don't organize my papers and notebooks so that I can easily find it when I want to it isn't going to help me very much. I might as well have never written it down in the first place and simply let the ideas fade out of my memory.The solution to this problem is to be a little more organized. Write down any ideas you have in notebook that is specifically dedicated for those ideas and keep that notebook in a safe place. It should be set aside at a place you will remember to check whenever you want to go back and look at your old ideas.Doing this saves you time and makes things easier on yourself.2. Get More From Your ThoughtsIn the past I've talked about something called compound knowledge. It is an idea where each time you learn something new about a given subject you are growing at a faster and faster rate.For instance if you want to know how a computer works you might start by asking how each button on the computer sends a signal to the screen to do a specific task. Then you might ask more specific questions like how the computer chip itself works. Finally if you go down the road far enough you might gain the knowledge to create your own computer that is more advance then anything in the market today.This process of compound knowledge works as you learn more and more about a subject, until you know so much about it that you seem like a genius in your field to others who have not had that same thirst for knowledge.This also works for ideas. As you have more and more ideas you can build off of those ideas and come up with newer ideas that are so original you would have never thought of them before.Compounding your knowledge or your ideas can take you to a new high and help you to discover new horizons. But in order to get it to work and to make the most of your time you have to remember what your...

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