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Why You Should Have A Home Vacation

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Have you ever gone on vacation only to return to say that you needed a vacation from your vacation? Each year, people have this same lament. Everyone has heard someone say this at one time or another and chances are that you have said it yourself.

The purpose of a vacation is to be able to get away from it all for a while, clear your head and break the routine of everyday life. It is supposed to be something relaxing and fun, a chance for families to spend time with one another or, if you are single, a chance to relax. But each year, many Americans turn their vacation into more work than….well, work!

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And being a single mom on a limited budget, she often took her vacations at home with her children doing a variety of different things that she normally didn’t do.

As Shirley bragged about the different places that she went and posted photos of the exotic locales that she and her family visited in her office, her secretary, Becky, had no such photos. The only photos that she had were of her children and her doing things like fishing and just hanging around.

Shirley felt sorry for her secretary as she never got a chance to see half the things that she got to see and even more sorry for her secretary’s children who never got to go anywhere. But she needn’t have felt bad. Despite her money and the thousands of dollars that she spent on her vacations, Shirley’s children didn’t have nearly as much fun during family vacations as her secretary’s kids.

In the case of Shirley and her secretary, the home vacation was a necessity for the secretary as she did not have a lot of money to spare to travel and was struggling with day to day expenses. But that struggle made her appreciate what she did have even more and the fact that she worked hard also made her appreciate her time off even more. It also made her children appreciate her, too.

Today, Becky is nearing retirement. Both of her children have completed college and one is in post graduate school. Her daughter is getting married next year and the money that the she put aside instead of going on vacation will pay for her daughter’s wedding. Becky’s kids both got scholarships to college but a good work ethic installed in them at an early age coupled with a good dose of a healthy imagination enabled them to work their way into different traveling adventures. They are pretty happy young people today and soon Becky will be able to do all the traveling she wants. She has a very tight bond with her children and a lot of happy memories. As do her kids, who are no longer kids.

Shirley ended up getting divorced a few years ago. The stress and her constant pushing for more drove her husband away. She has a strained relationship with her children who also went away to college, but never ended up coming home. They would always find some sort of excuse as to why they didn’t want to be around in the summer and even tried to avoid the holidays at home. Shirley’s children, despite having such a privileged upbringing and choice vacations, do not seem to be as well adjusted as Becky’s children. The reason why is probably because Shirley’s vacations were filled with stress as was Shirley’s life. Becky’s vacation was filled with fun and relaxation. And that is what a vacation is all about.

Today, because of the gas crunch as well as the poor economic conditions, many people are forsaking their travel plans and choosing to stay at home. They, like Becky, are doing this out of necessity. They do not want to spend the money on travel when they need it to pay the rent if they end up getting...

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