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Why You Shouldn't Smoke Essay

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Why people should stop SMOKING

I strongly disagree to smoking because they can blacken your lungs and give you cancer. It is life threatening and, yet, people still reach out for another cigarette. A small puff can lead to an addiction and therefore making you spend $100s of dollars on smokes. In the past year, the NHS have recorded 18,000 people have died due to smoking.
I crucially believe that everyone should be aware of the toxic substances that they are inhaling. Carbon monoxide, tar and nicotine are only three of the chemicals that are found in tobacco. These three things can cause extreme damage to the way the body functions or works in general. Smoking can cause damage to the lungs, heart and the brain. Smoking can have permanent damage to your body and prevent it from functioning healthily. Smokers are more likely to get cancer as the substances in a cigarettes smoke can destroy and deteriorate cells in the body.
People that smoke may not have the nicest appearance: yellow skin, teeth and fingernails. Smokers think it is relaxing, but, nicotine is a...

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