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Why Zoos Are Wrong Essay

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I was watching as a beautiful African female tiger pace back and fourth in her small steel cage with frustration. The eyes of the strangers were staring directly at her and her newly born baby cubs. The female tiger was wary about these people. The longer these strangers were staring at her, the more stressed she became. She can’t bare the stress anymore and attacks! It is strongly believed, that animals should not be contained behind the iron bars of cages at zoos. because of the many disadvantages the animals will have there.
One of the many disadvantages animals have is being locked in cages of zoos, is to enjoy the quality of freedom and independence. The animals can’t enjoy the satisfaction of catching their own prey, or the relief of living in their own natural habitat. Plus, the size of the zoo provides for the animals is too small, so the animals don’t get the proper exercise like they would in the wild. Studies have shown tigers and lions have around 18,000 times less space in zoos then they would in their natural habitat. In fact , Woburn Safari Parks was keeping its lions locked in small cages for eighteen hours a day! Also, seventy-five percent of elephants were overweight, and sixteen percent of the elephants could not walk. These elephants were located at the United Kingdom zoos. Either way, being locked in these cages negatively affects these animals.
Unfortunately, animals can very well get mistreated in zoos too. One factor that can contribute to this mistreatment is people. People can abuse these animals or make fun of them. Also, animals can get mistreated be lack of water, food, and nutrition. Or, the zoo may put an animal in a show. This show can be making fun of the helpless animal In 2012, CAPS (Captive Animals’ Protection Society) uncovered an investigator that filmed sick poor animals left untreated and dead at Tweddle Farm Zoo. This goes to show, that there are many opportunities where these creatures can very easily get mistreated and taken advantage of.
An animal’s health is also affected by being enclosed in the metal or glass cages at zoos. Studies have shown, that high...

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