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Wic, Vaccination And Early Intervention Essay

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Proper health development of infants determines the overall well-being of the child throughout the growth process. Children should avoid Diseases and disorders, which hinder their development. WIC programs, vaccinations and early intervention measures help in mitigating these risks.
Vaccination is very important for children below the age of five. They save lives. False information on vaccines has impacted Children in many regions around the world have been adversely (Peet, n.d.). Peet (n.d.) gives examples of Polio infection in Africa and measles infection in America to drive her point. Vaccination protects children from deadly diseases, which kill thousands of children every year. Today, ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, spending resources in WIC programs has contributed to deficit reduction. For every dollar spent on pregnant women in WIC programs translates to more than 4 dollars saved on Medicaid for the women and their children (“Legislative Agenda,” 2013). WIC programs also reduce the chances of premature births, which cost the government north of 26 million dollars annually (“Legislative Agenda,” 2013). Practices like proper breastfeeding improve children’s IQ scores as well as their visual acuity scores, decrease cavities, and lower the chances of getting cancer for both the mothers and children (“Legislative Agenda,” 2013). Information related to understanding WIC programs is important to child development professionals because it helps them suggest to parents the best practices to employ in taking care of their children to avoid diseases.
Physicians refer to children who are at a risk of developmental delay or disorder as Early Intervention (“Early Intervention”, n.d.). Children with such conditions are treated and taken care of at a relatively low cost to the family. Early prevention measures focus on improving outcomes disable children. They do this by providing these children with appropriate, timely, and intense interventions. Early intervention measures mainly serve children with communicative, cognitive, social development, emotional development adaptive and physical disabilities. Early intervention measures also serve the families of children with these disabilities. Professionals provide services such as screening and assessment, counseling, family training, occupational therapy, social work services, vision services, and audiology services (“Early Intervention”, n.d.). According to the National Centre for Medical Home Implementation (2014), one out of every six children has a behavioral problem or developmental disorder. This highlights the need for using screening and developmental surveillance during preventive healthcare visits. This provides the pediatrician with the chance of offering anticipatory guidance with respect to supporting the development of the child and facilitating the early detection of disorders in the child (National Centre for Medical Home Implementation, 2014). This helps mitigate the risk of early deaths among children with disorders. Information on early intervention programs aids child development professionals in knowing the early signs of disorders in children. Pediatricians can control...

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