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Wicca And Knowledge Around The World

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Wicca is a religion that relies on the knowledge of the world around us to help us solve and understand the situations that we see in the world. In order to do this we must have a complete understanding of the world. To understand each part of the world we have to do an in depth study of the subject. So far in my studies I have studied stones, herbs, divinations, and god/ess’s. In order to demonstrate the skills that I have acquired I will create five different situations applying my knowledge in a complete analysis and solution. There will be one situation for each area of study aside from divination, which will include two.

To begin, we will explore the situation with herbs. A women ...view middle of the document...

Now, lets move onto the neuropathy. Neuropathy is when the nerve endings and receptors in your hands and feet have started to die due to lack of proper nutrition. This causes numbness along with burning and sharp pains widespread over the entire surface of the hand or foot. There are many different things that people use to try to help ease this pain that contain many chemicals that can harm the body. To treat the neuropathy, I would recommend for her to add a small amount of cayenne to either her food or just about a teaspoon into her mouth. Cayenne is thought to help ease misfiring nerves and to ease the pain and numbness in the feet. As with the migraines, magnesium will also help to ease the pressure on the feet or hands. Magnesium naturally helps the blood vessels to open further and be able to transport more blood. There are many things that can cause

widespread muscle pain. Inflammation in the joints and around the joints can also add tension to the body. In order to help relieve some of this pressure you can add a small regimen of ginger to your diet. Ginger is thought to help the body naturally release help water and gasses, this causes the extra water in the swelled areas to slowly be released. Ginger is a common root that can be gotten just about anywhere. It is best to be able to get the root and use it fresh because it doesn't take out some of the natural antibiotics and minerals. Turmeric is another root that can be used to help relieve arthritic pressure in the joints. Turmeric is a common spice that can be added to many different dishes so that you can ingest enough. I would recommend about a teaspoon in any given meal during the day. Be careful to ingest to much turmeric because it is also know to cause an upset stomach when used in large amounts. Irritable bowels can be cause by many different things ranging from stress to diet. This causes it to be a little harder to help with herbs as it is

sometimes difficult to asses what exactly is causing it. One popular remedy for this is rosemary oil. A small amount of the oil can be put into any drink that you decide to have. This oil is most effective when used at night to help relieve the symptoms. Sunflower oil is also helpful in relieving the inflammation of the intestines. If you have any kind of colon problem, it would be wise to use some peppermint oil. this can be put on your food or even rubbed onto your feet. The final symptom of fibromyalgia is depression, this is a hard symptom to treat as it can be caused by many things. One herb that has been found helpful in treating depression is St.Johns Wort. This herb helps to block serotonin in the brain and produce endorphins that allow you to feel happier. All of the herbs mentioned in this scenario are safe to use in someone with fibromyalgia. Some of them are able to be obtained regularly and others will take a little more searching and finding. Each of the herbs can be used internally and the three oils that I mentioned can...

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