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Wicca Craft This Is A 3 4 Page Definition Essay For Composition Ii.

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Definition EssayWiccaGrowing up with an Aunt who considered herself a witch wasn't always the easiest thing to deal with. My Aunt has practiced the Craft of Wicca for as long as I can remember. Although my friends and I were always full of questions, my Aunt would always take time to answer or explain each one of them. I wanted to define the word Wicca because I know it is a confusing word to many people. Most people, when they hear the word Wicca or witch think of evil magic or witch. This is not completely true. Wicca Craft, also known as witchcraft, is both an ancient religion as well as a new religion that encourages its members to progress in their own way and in their own time to greater spiritual understanding. Wicca is based on reverence for nature's cycles and respect for the earth and all creatures.When I first called my Aunt to share with me once again her beliefs she began by saying,There is no official text; for the Craft is a religion of life and of nature. The Wicca religion doesn't have a bible, but we have a creed that everyone lives by: If it harms none, do what you will. This is just a shortened version of the Wicca creed, but these eight words are what witches devote their lives to. Along with a creed, the Wicca religion also has a mission statement: To live life with joy and happiness doing one's true will, harming as little as possible, while living in balance and harmony with Mother Nature. (K. Lamb, interview, June 1, 2004).Although Wicca is a very "open" religion in believing that all persons dictate how to live their own life, they do follow one major law. The three-fold law of Wicca is that you get back three times what we give out. If you give love then you get back more love, the same goes for both good and bad. Because the three fold law is so strongly believed, Witches all follow the ideal of harm none.When I was younger, my Aunt would talk to me about Wicca and how it connects all parts of life to make one whole. She said:"That everything- every molecule and every atom contains the spirit of the universal power identified as Deity; this also includes accepting Deity within everyone else. Wicca has great reverence for Deity; it has both a Mother and a Father aspect. Wicca approaches Deity through many names and forms, both masculine and feminine, drawn from all over the world and from every age. Deity is compared to a diamond with many facets; each name or image for Deity throughout history is like one facet on the diamond. Each facet may be considered separately and all are beautiful in themselves, but all are aspects of the single stone." (K. Lamb, interview, June 1, 2004).There is no official text for Wicca Craft, as stated earlier; the Craft is a religion of life and of nature, not of "the book" like in most religions. The driving force of the craft is that it encourages spiritual development in all people in any way they intuitively feel is right for them. Wicca Craft teaches connection with nature and the idea...

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