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American society has many binaries, which it currently uses to subjugate people into standard categories like, for example, gender and sex. Even though, society might classify someone, as a man or woman, it does not necessarily mean that how that person’s appearance looks like on the outside, is the same as their inside genetic make-up.
Sex is the biological composition of either a male or female. For example, females have XX chromosomes in their DNA; their reproduction system consists of an egg and a vagina, and they also have functional breasts. Males, on the other hand, have XY chromosomes in their DNA; their reproductive system consists of sperm, testes, and a penis. Gender is the array of characteristics that distinguish a male from female and according to their attributes. However, there are some people whose sexual organs are imperfect, according to the roles of gender and sex, an example are hermaphrodites, because they have both a male and female’s sexual organs. Hermaphrodites tend to stay in the middle, grayish area between a male and a female. Society uses binaries to classify a male as men, with masculine traits, and a female as women who have feminine traits. Masculine traits are the roughness, muscles, broad shoulders, and deep voice men, or women, can possess. On the other hand, feminine traits include the long hair, soft skin, angelic glow and soft voice that either a women or men can own.
The Ozian society sees women as feminine beings and men as masculine figures. For example, the Land of Oz considers Glinda, Elphaba’s best friend, as the ideal feminine women in Ozian society because of “her perfect and brilliantly red lips and her green traveling gown” (Maguire 69). In Wicked, Ozian society sees Glinda as the model of feminine that Ozian women show have, yet most them do not possess these womanly traits. On the other hand, Avaric, Boq’s best friend, is shown as the ultimate masculine man in the Land of Oz. For example, Elphaba describes Avaric, with swept hair, rich and full, color of polished nickel, and he obviously had the benefit of a life of exercise and (leisure), for his figure was strong and slim, his bearing erect, his color good” (Maguire 366). Both western and Ozian society considers Glinda and Avaric as the perfect women and men that possess the ideal attributes of gender and sex.
Even though, society categorizes women as feminine beings with long, beautiful hair, and as compassionate, nurturing, and fragile this does not necessary mean that all women have to be feminine in order to be females. On the other hand, “social structure weds masculinity to maleness and to power and domination” that men can possess (Halberstam 2). For instance, society uses these traditional roles of femininity and masculinity to describe the difference between a man and woman. However, in Judith Halberstam’s novel Female Masculinity, references, “Garber’s insistence that there is ‘a third space of possibility’ occupied by the...

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