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Food security is the term of the availability at all times to access the basic food that they need (Moir & Morris 2011). Food security is a wicked problem as it is just not a level of difficulty, but it is more about the complexity, interacting evolving in a dynamic social context. There is no right solution, even-though you solved one problem there will be other problems emerge non stop and usually stays in a long term (Camilus 2008). The issues that existed in food security as a wicked problem, including climate change that also causing availability in regarding to agricultural production, particularly in tropical regions such as Thailand.

Firstly, the gradually worsening of the climate change effects causing our world lives such as drought and floods which posing many challenges to farmers and ranchers in the agricultural sector. In Thailand, the suffered from big flood in the past two years and the changed in temperature are likely to cause the habit of ranges of many species to shift and lead to a lessen yield of crops that will decline by 17 percent in 2050 (GLF Committee 2014). Farmers are also forced to shift from irrigation to rain-fed crops. This particular result needs to be considered along with farming practices and technology, for business to be aware of potential lack in availability for food supply and distribution along with retails and end consumers (Latesteijn & Rabbingeb 2012). This could raise the problem of shortage on consumption and causing on business performance.

Moreover, The world's population growth rate is now estimated at 1.14% per year (United Nation, 2014) and will meet 9 billion people by 2025. The impacts on crop yields also an issue for a remaining starvation of the world's population such as China and India that has a rapid growth rate...

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