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Wide Area Network Assessment. Essay

1111 words - 4 pages Area Network AssessmentIntroduction to WAN'sWide Area Networks (WAN's) are very large networks of computers. These networks span across large geographical areas and have been know to connect computers thousands of miles apart. A WAN can also be a collection of LANs, bringing together many smaller networks into one large network. Unlike LANs, most WAN's are not owned by any one organisation but exist under collective or distributed ownership and management. The Internet is the biggest WAN in existence today connecting millions of users across the world.Basic concepts of WANsWANs are built to provide communication solutions for organizations or people who need to exchange digital information between two distant places.There are 5 main types of WAN communication in use today, these are:Point to Point linksCircuit SwitchingPacket SwitchingWAN virtual circuitWAN Dial up servicesPoint to Point linksA point-to-point link provides a pre-established WAN communications path from a home through a carrier network to a remote network. The price is based on bandwith required and distance between the 2 connection points.Circuit SwitchingA method of routing traffic between an originator and a destination through a Switching Centre where a continuous electrical circuit is established and maintained between the calling and called stations until it is released by one of those stations. ISDN is an example of circuit switching.Packet SwitchingPacket Switching is the opposite to Circuit Switching as packets are individually routed between node with no previously established communication path. The Internet is a Packet Switched network running the layer 3 Internet Protocol over a variety of other technologies.WAN Virtual CircuitsA virtual circuit is a logical circuit created within a shared network between two network devices. There are currently 2 types of Virtual Circuits in existance today: switched virtual circuits (SVCs) and permanent virtual circuits (PVCs).SVC's are virtual circuits that are dynamically established on demand and terminated when transmission is complete. There are 3 phases of communication over and SVC: circuit establishment, data transfer, and circuit terminationPVC's are virtual circuits that are permanently established and consist of one mode only, data transfer.WAN Dial up ServicesThe two most popualar dial-up services used today are dial on demand routing and dial on demand routing. An advantage of using these dial-up services to connect over a WAN is that it offers connectivity for a cost-effective price.Dial on Demand Routing is a technique where the router dynamically initiates a call on a switched network when data needs to be sent.In Dial Back Up the router is configured so that when a failure is detected on the primary circuit, the dial backup line is initiated. The dial backup line then supports the WAN connection until the primary circuit is restored.General...

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