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Personal Belief On Reading And Writing

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Wide Awake
Growing up I counted myself as one of the lucky few in the world where the act of reading and writing was not only encouraged but was a passion of many historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Fredrick Douglas Langston Hughes, and Emily Dickenson and many other trailblazers and patriots of history who became great minds by not just accepting their circumstances but doing something to make life better not only for themselves but the people around them. I have always had this wish that I could one day rendezvous with at least some of these historical figures that I have always wanted to emulate and maybe I could ask them about their experiences and how they survived in such a harsh and unforgiving word such as ours. A rendezvous is a meeting with someone that is arranged for a particular time and place and that is often secret.
I really believe reading and writing not only paved the way for these abolitionists, poets, ministers, civil rights leaders and other great men and women. But this act of reading and writing also opened up their eyes to a whole new world but gave them the determination and resilience in order to achieve that new world in the face of insurmountable obstacles. Me on the other hand, I have always had this love affair with the art of spoken word whether it was from my mother reading stories to me at bedtime I can still hear her soft light musical voice now, or from me telling myself stories just to entertain myself so as you can see my attitudes toward reading and writing have always been favorable even when mean, old, wrinkled, teachers and struggling, jealous, students would criticize my writing and reading technique just because they could not read or write as well as I could. I cannot really a time when I did not love to read and write because I believed that if I wanted to change the world this was two of the many skills that I had to possess. But I feel bad for the generations that came before me and the one that will come after me because even though they have each had opportunities in their life that I may never get to have they are lacking what I believe everyone should be afforded the chance to experience the sweet nectar of a story well told and the emotions that come along with such an experience. I also both these two generations I have mentioned should be able to write their experiences down in order to be able to help the generations before and after them because I know that it will be a useful tool for them in which to gain knowledge from. I also believe these two age groups are like prisoners waiting for a guillotine because I think it should be a crime not to want to discover the wonderful world of reading and writing. I look at reading and writing as I am sure...

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