Widening Participation In Education Today, And What Is Being Done To Encourage People Back To Learning.

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CONTENTSINTRODUCTION1WHAT IS WIDENING PARTICIPATION2THE PROBLEM2WHAT IS BEING DONE2FINDING'S FROM THE REPORT3CONCLUSION5BIBLIOGRAPHY6Within this essay I am writing about widening participation and what is being done to encourage people back to learning.WHAT IS WIDENING PARTICIPATION?Widening participation means access achievement and progression. It means bringing students from underrepresented and disadvantage groups into education and training, ensuring that these students stay on their programme, extending the ways through which they can learn and achieve and ensuring that they progress to suitable destinations. Taken from the Further Education Funding Council - A Guide to Good Practice.THE PROBLEMThere are over 7million adults within the UK who have left school with below level 1 in literacy and a similar number in numeracy. Many of those with low levels of literacy and numeracy are working some in poorly paid or low skilled jobs with no enthusiasm to learn new skills. Others may now be unemployed. Adult education is a way forward but the standard in adult education has been too low and retention figures have been poor.People may not achieve well at school for various reasons. They may be from deprived backgrounds and were not given the opportunity to progress. Their parents may be in low skilled jobs and can not see a reason to learn. The pregnancy rate in the UK is far greater than that of the rest of Europe even though the number is lower than that of 1999, young girls may not be aware that they can continue with their education or move onto further education. Some may even believe that they do not need to achieve as the government will look after them and house them. Students may have had some learning disabilities such as dyslexia and were just categorised as slow or lazy and the problem was not noticed. Myself, I just disliked school and did from about the age of twelve I found school uninteresting and couldn't wait to leave.WHAT IS BEING DONE?In December 1994 the Further Education Funding Council set up the widening participation committee chaired by Helena Kennedy QC. The committee's role was to help the Further Education Funding Council promote access to further education for people who do not participate in education and training but who could benefit from it. The committee was to investigate the problems that further education faces and to establish what changes can be made to enhance further education. The findings were to be used to help in achieving widening participation.Further education is everything that does not happen in schools or university's this was the definition given to Helena Kennedy.Further education offers a general range of programs that are not all exam based this gives students the chance to progress slowly and gain confidence. Further education is sometimes the first choice for young people. It is another opportunity to learn and progress. Study is becoming more accessible with different times and locations...

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