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Let me get one thing straight, I'm not the type of person who has serial boyfriends. I don't spend my time hopping from one relationship to the next, that just isn't me. The reality has been far more stark in comparison. While witnessing most of my friends continue their ongoing romantic dramas I spent the majority of my 20's single. To the outsider this might have seemed strange and did. Even my brother started to question my sexual orientation. But when you're heavily involved in daily destroying yourself through your so called friend bulimia, there's not much room left for intimacy.

I'd also like to establish there was nothing further from my mind than the idea of going to Iran and ...view middle of the document...

Oblivious to the double life of an internet café I did start to notice eye contact was operating more frequently with strangers. Car rides are another time I'm found myself keep seeing the same guy in the car next to me for an extended period of time. And no, I didn't meet Ali in an internet café nor out on the road. Which I'm glad of as it's not the most romantic of engagements. “And yes our eyes met across the gravel, pitted carriageway en route to Tehran, he was in the left lane about to overtake ”. Frankly I'm not an expert on how people meet others in Iran but the internet has helped open the doors to many a new relationship globally so I'm sure Iran is not accustom to this practice either. Speaking to my cousin and a few people here they have met online and it ending up in marriage. In my circumstance though as a foreigner to the place who didn't have a clue how the unseen scene operated the chances of me meeting someone were slim. Not that that was intention as I've said. This goes to show how the most unlikely and labelled oppressive places can still afford an opportunity to meet someone new. And especially if that meeting was fated which in my case I believe it was and will explain why later.

It was in the office of hell that I met Yosef and Ali. A few doors down from their office in the same corridor was mine. It wouldn't have taken long to bump into them and it didn't. The moment I first spoke to Yosef was the time when the water stopped working in the building. In a...

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