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Wife Of Bath: Marriage Can Be Quite Funny

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Have you ever discussed a touchy subject around people you barely know? Some people use different approaches to certain subjects, such as humor. Others, grab the bull by the horns and attack the question head-on. In Geoffrey Chaucer's The Wife of Bath's Tale, the Wife of Bath tells 29 travellers a story about a humorous encounter between a Knight and a elderly woman. Once, a Knight did something very un-noble to an innocent woman that went against his code of law and he had to face whatever repercussions the Queen had set upon him for his actions. Originally, his fate was death, but the Queen decided not to take the Knight's head, so she gave him another chance to redeem himself. The Knight had a year in a day to find out what women wanted the most and on his journey he ran into this elderly women which would later unravel into a series of unfortunate, but humorous events.
The Wife of Bath was always a product of the church. She had been married five time, each marriage stranger than the last. She always had the upper hand on her first three husbands and made them feel like they always wrong under any circumstances. Her fourth husband cheated on her and the fifth abused her. It was only right that her tale was about marriage, it had been a big part of her life for a very long time. During the tale, there once was a handsome and young Knight who raped a nude woman minding her own business. The Queen was appalled by this horrific news, so she seeked for death immediately. Every woman in town begged for the Queen to spare the Knight, therefore she gave him a alternative. The Knight had a year in a day to find out what women want the most. After the Knight had been given his task, he saught out to find his anwser right away. His luck had ran short by the end of his journey and he couldn't find one simple answer for the Queen until he came across a old woman in a forest. The elderly woman heard about the Knight's troubles and had the answer he seeked, under one cirumstance. The Knight finally told the Queen what she needed to hear which was, "A woman wants the same self sovereignty." (L.214) The Queen nor any of the other women in the village could not disagree with his answer, so she let him be. Then, the elderly woman broke out of the crowd and admitted to the Queen that she gave the Knight the answer she seeked and demanded he marry her at once , as a part of the agreement the elderly woman and...

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