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Wife Wooing Essay

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The story's framework is simple: the protagonist/narrator has gone to a diner and gotten take-out hamburgers and fries for his wife and children; now they are at home, seated in front of the fire, eating. The narrator looks at his wife and realizes that even after seven years and three small children, he still loves his wife and finds her sexually exciting, despite the fact she has put on a considerable amount of weight and might not even be particularly attractive by contemporary standards of beauty. He observes, also, that there is something different about wooing a woman that one is married to, as opposed to courting a relative stranger, and yet wives still have to be wooed to keep them interested: he notes that "wife" is "a knife of a word that for all its final bite did not end the wooing. To my wonderment." The story follows our narrator as he goes to bed with his wife; although he does not verbalize this to her, he would be interested in having sex, but she wants to read a book on Richard Nixon. As soon as she settles in, however, she is sound asleep. In the morning her husband looks at her and does not find her sexually attractive at all; he still loves her, but the mood of the previous night is broken. He goes to work and returns, with "a technicality it would take weeks to explain to you snag[ged] in my brain;" engrossed in the nagging problem he brought home from work, he is surprised when his wife comes in to him, obviously with romantic intent -- "with a kiss of toothpaste moist and girlish and quick." He leaves his rehashing of his work problems to enjoy her love.Despite the fact that this is a story about two people -- five if one includes the children, but they are essentially interlopers in the tale -- Updike vividly creates a setting in which the principal players are completely isolated from one another's...

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1374 words - 5 pages background to be his wife. The fact that he will only be interested in the women for her money is indicated several times before the meeting of Petruchio and Katherina. P: "I come to wive it wealthily in Padua; If wealthily, then happily in Padua." P: "Signor Hortensio, 'twixt such friends as we Few words suffice; and therefore, if thou know One rich enough to be Petruchio's wife- As wealth is burden of my wooing dance-" He

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1017 words - 4 pages have a good time and a rich wife. Petruchio seems manly because he openly courts Kate and asks her to kiss him and to celebrate their engagement. Petruchio saying sweet words to Kate such as, “is this not well? Come, my sweet Kate. / Better once than never, for never too late” (V.i.130–131). Petruchio is brave enough to tell Kate’s father Baptista that he and Kate are in love and wed as soon as possible. Petruchio’s way of wooing a woman is