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Wild Adventures Field Trip Essay

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I have had many good memories so far in my life time, the best memory that I can remember is the time when I went to Wild Adventures. On the last week of eighth grade our school took an end of the year trip to Wild Adventures, a theme park. At first I was not all thrilled about going; however, I had fun in the end. The reason I wasn’t really happy about going was because I got put into a group with people I didn’t really like, for example one person in my group mischievously ate the pizza slice I paid four dollars for, it’s like flushing money down a toilet. As Juniter Hammon proclaimed, “But this will not do, God will certainly punish you for stealing and for being unfaithful. Another reason is that I showed a little bravado when I was scared to ride the rides at first. However, by the end of the day I rode cool rides and had a lot of fun.
It begins with planning for the trip. Precious groups are picked and a list of necessary items is created. The group I had originally planned to join was full and I had to join a group with people that I never really talked too. One person out of the group was actually what I would call my friend the rest just more of acquaintances. Since the field trip took place in Valdosta, Georgia it was about a one and a half hour bus ride, but I am still thankful the bus was a nice charter bus. Upon arrival to the park the gates weren’t open yet because we got there early. The weight was not long and we were able to be one of the first people into the park that day. As soon as I walked into the park I set my goal to ride every ride in the park, so I made in my head a list of all the rides and whether or not I’ve ridden them yet. The first ride we came to was a ride called the Boomerang at first I was scared to ride this but got over it and decided to do it. This ride went backward about one-hundred and fifty feet up into the air and dropped back down thrusting us up into the air at two-hundred feet, going into upside down turns. After that ride ended we went to a ride made of wood called the Cheetah. This was the longest ride in the park but didn’t go upside down at all. Since this was a...

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