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"Wild Cat Falling" Chapter 6 Expansion Analysis.

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Throughout chapter six there are many themes and language features which help to convey the narrative in order to enhance the readers understanding.Themes which are dealt with in chapter six are; aboriginal identity, male\female relationships, and the psychological impact of gaol. These themes are shown through language features; such as; diologue, colloquial language, lyrics, and imagery.Firstly, the theme of identity is important because it helps the reader understand the attitudes and appearance of the characters .In this chapter, there are two settings. The first one is at the milk-bar while the second is in the narrator's bedroom. The milk-bar is known as a 'bodgie' hangout place. The narrator feels that he is back to a place where he is accepted, "....the familiar surroundings glow a "welcome home" to me" (page 55).The milk-bar is described as,...jukebox, a mass of metal, lights and glass, commands the room, squat god worshipped and fed by footloose youth to fill their empty world with the drug delusion of romance... (Page 55)This quote shows the meeting place of the bodgie groups and the atmosphere which is carried out through these types of places during the early sixties.The fashion during the sixties of the bodgie gang is described as, "...boys peacock-gaudy long coats and narrow pants, the girls casual in dowdy dark jeans and sloppy sweaters." (Page 55). This type of fashion was "cool" during the sixties and was mainly worn by the bodgie's.Throughout the chapter the narrator and several of his bodgie friends are always drinking. The main reason which may encourage them to drink is the sense of no hope in life and that drinking is "cool" and helps healing your broken feelings.Music is a major factor which contributed to identity. Throughout the novel there are many instances where music is written in lyrics, however in chapter six the narrator uses lyrics to give the reader a better understanding of the atmosphere. The type of music which is listened to during this period in time is called blues.You can get rid of lonelinessif you can fall in love.... (Page 56)These lyrics are from a theme song for kids. It shows the sadness in the atmosphere of the milk-bar and the feelings which are conveyed through music.The bell-hop's tears keep flowing,The desk clerks dressed in black.They've been so long down lonely streetThat they'll never, oh never, come back.'Cause they're so lonely, oh so lonely,They're so lonely they could die (Page 58)The sad tune of the music elaborates on the mood throughout the milk-bar and spreads a feeling of loneliness among the people.Identity is also shown through language. In chapter six there are language features such as colloquial language, jargon and dialogue. Colloquial language and jargon is mainly used through dialogue which is an example of the way bodgie's talk to each other. "I'm drunk, doll" (page 56), "...prison dough" (page 57), "...breasts jut under her jumper..." (Page 59).Secondly, the narrator...

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