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The sullen room was silent. The air was thick with tensions as Lourdes fumbled around the room for the emergency switches; her fingers were scratched by the needles that distinctly had fallen onto the ground. There was a thunder stricken gasp as her colleagues commenced to hold their senses; these gasps transformed into panicked shrieking around her. She deeply felt strong arms around her shoulders, in the dim light; Anne’s anxious eyes glistened with sorrowful tears. A relieved yelp escaped her lips as the two friends held onto each other in a protective embrace. With a gentle pull, Lourdes was brought to her feet; her first instinct was to behold Lexi. The child was deeply slumbering ...view middle of the document...

“Hey…Delgado, stay with me.” It was no use; the young woman was becoming paralysed; her eyes were glazed over as she relived an experience that had terrified her so. “Lourdes!!” The use of her Christian abject appellation awoke her from her nightmare, with a blink of the luminous eyes; Lourdes’ attention was snapped into motion. “You got to stay with me, okay? I need your help.” The urgency in Waver’s voice stunned her slightly, how could a simple medic be so important? Nevertheless, she followed Weaver’s hurried footsteps upwards. He waited for no interruption, his posture strict and his eyes forward.
They had travelled upwards to the generators; all the machines were lifeless; no energy buzzing them alive. If Jamil had not been ripped apart from her; they would have been saved instantly. Captain Weaver’s hands rapidly moved methodically over the wires as he examined the wreckage. They had not been touched; it was as though a divine force had sucked the energy out of them. Waver had quickly ceased believing in divine beings a long time ago, however, this time; he wished it had been a divine being. The alternative lucidly appeared horrifically worse. As Weaver worked through the different wires, Lourdes made herself useful in the way she knew how; she read. By the broken windows there were emergency protocol files, they had to begin somewhere. Absentmindedly, Lourdes scanned the text, but her eyes dreamily watched the sight outside. The smoky clouds teeming with pollution, the wrecked vehicles outside, and the hint of sunlight radiating through the clouds. The green light that had gotten closer.
Wait, what?
Lourdes stood mightily as she examined the familiar green light. The light had grown bolder, and closer. Her fingers itched to grasp it before her. “Sir!” Weaver grunted, his mind solely focused on the damned wires. ”Sir, come here. This is important.” She glanced backwards, grimacing at the fact that Weaver was dismissing her request with a wave. The survivor in her awoke; she stomped over there with her steely, determined eyes. “Sir, you asked for my help. And I am giving you my help, look at the green light!”
Waver scrunched his nose in confusion; he had no time for this. His fingers were intertwined with tight, metal wires and this woman was blabbering about a green light! Wait. “A green light? What light?” He stood up suddenly, his feet carrying over to the windowsill. His hot, pumping heart froze. “That’s no simple green light, Lourdes…” It could not…it could not be. His soft whisper grew louder with every breath. “That’s an Espheni ship!” He barked with such fire and might that it shook Lourdes. Without a second glance, Captain Waver stormed through the crowd; the young man in him reborn. He fired warning shots into the air.
“Alright, listen up!” The soldiers that had been left began to form around him, immediately. “It’s very likely that the source of this power outage is the Espheni ship that’s heading straight for us.” He...

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