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The "cry of the wild" can still be heard across this great land. I have heard the bugle of an elk on the Great Plains...the shrill of a bald eagle along the banks of the mightily Mississippi...the roar of a brown eagle bear on windswept tundra...and the gobble of a wild turkey among western foothills. Amazing beauty can still be found in the natural landscapes of this great land. I have seenthrough televisions, articles, books, and newspapers the towering forests...pristine waters...rich wetlands...wide-open prairies...majestic mountains...and vast deserts alive with color. I am in awe by the complexity and wonder of the natural world. Truly, it is where you can find solace and peace.America is truly blessed. A land rich in natural resources----our sense of adventure, pioneering spirit, and tenacity. Irving Berlin's God Bless America, Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land, and Samuel Smith's America all declare a love and respect for this land we call "home." It is our duty to regain a love and respect for the land, its beauty, and life 's comfort. The legacy of our natural resource heritage must be preserved. Education is the answer. Through writing my paper I have learned that endangered species is more than a name, it is a mission in-and-of-itself, a mission to keep safe ourwildlife---forever. The earth is home to more than 5.2 billion people, each having certain needs, wants, and desires. The process of consumption drastically changes the natural landscape, an many cases to the wearing away of other species. Consumption transform vast quantities of natural resources, such as fossil fuels and trees, into countless products and mountains of waste. As such, it directly and indirectly impacts land use decisions including wetland drainage, the clearing of forest, mining, agricultural production, and development. Over time, the increasing affect of poor land use, decisions, and reckless use of natural resources have undermined the integrity and to keep up the ability of the natural world, resulting in global environmental reduction.In his book, Earth in the Balance---Ecology and the Human Spirit, Vice President Al Gore writes: "The disharmony in our relationship to the earth, which stems in part from our addiction to a pattern of consuming ever-larger quantities of the resources of the earth, is now manifest in successive crises, each marking a more destructive clash between our civilization and the natural world: whereas all threats to the environment used to be local and regional, several are now strategic . The loss of one and a half acres of rain forest every second, the sudden, thousand fold acceleration of the...

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