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Wildlife And Rehabilitation Pre Release Plan And Assesment Of Lesser Horseshoe Bats And Fennec Foxes

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The Fennec Fox lives in the arid deserts of Africa, such as the Sahara, Kalahari and the Namib Desert. As u will see in part b of the assignment (enclosure design) I have mimicked this quite easily, as the enclosure will be sited at or very near the release site. The foxes will be able to smell their environment; the substrate used will be sand, which is obviously natural to the area.In the wild fennec fox will usually live in groups, usually family groups, they burrow up to 10 feet underneath the sand, in order to make their dens, which they use to escape the blistering heat of the deserts. (The fennec fox is nocturnal, usually arising form its den in the early evening as the sun is setting, so it has time to hunt and feed before the sun rises).In order to make the enclosure as natural to the fox as its natural habitat, they will be in a shed type building. The foundation for this shed will be about 12 feet below the surface, and the she will have no floors, and will be very deep, so the burrows can be mimicked with ease. This will be done by pre- digging the burrows and setting them with concrete, this ensures that the animal's carer knows where the burrows are and knows where they can be found in an emergency). Any flora which is commonly found in the area will be put in the enclosure, such as small shrubs and bushes which berries grow on, as these are a vital part of the fox' diet.Food can sometimes be scarce in the deserts, but fennec fox's have developed to be omnivorous whereas most canines are predominately carnivorous, they are essentially scavengers, eating whatever they come across. They will eat primarily insects such as locust, grass hoppers, any type of fly or ground dwelling insect, also tarantulas, small lizards, small snakes, berries, foliage and anything else they can scavenge, such as the kills of larger predators which have left their bounty.Feeding will be very simple in the enclosure. Different prey species of the fox will be caught and introduced to the enclosure so that, the foxes will be able to hunt, even in their confined spaces. This will prepare them to hunt in the wild, and the will know what prey is suitable.The main survival skills that the fennec fox will need to be successfully re-introduced into the wild are as follows --Familiarity with humans as predatorsThis is because the fennec fox I shunted by humans for various reasons- Fur Trade- Meat (bush meat), as they are considered a delicacy to many tribes in Africa.- Pet Trade; the fennec fox is fast becoming a popular pet all over the world, although it is not commonly know, the numbers of these animals have declined in the last 40 years due to their desirability, because of their kind and trusting and curious nature, this makes them ideal pets in some peoples eyes.To assist the animal to become afraid of humans, the keeper is encouraged to make noise to scare the fox's during the night whilst they are awake. As younger fennecs grow there will be less handling...

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