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Wildlife As Canon Sees It Essay

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Photography is a passion for many people there are a lot of amateur photographers out there and they are always on the look to but the best camera and there is huge competition now a days for this growing market this market has many key players like Nikon cannon sony etc. but cannon is clearly a leader in this marking and this advertisement is an example of why cannon is market leader. This canon ad that was posted on the April 2014 National Geographic magazine shows mainly a picture of an animal called a White-footed Tamarin or scientifically know as (saguinus leucopus), the ad consists of multiple pictures and short sentences which cannon makes use to attract customers, but the main ...view middle of the document...

Second, there is message that Canon want to convey to reader through the power of imagery to raise awareness of deforestation and its effects to the living creatures such as the White-footed Tamrin .
At the bottom of the add there is a picture of Canons variety of products it shows cameras multiple lenses for all proposes, further more you can see how they are promoting to their EOS System too this shows the wide range of cannon products and also sends out a strong message about the large target audience which cannon is trying to target they want to make sure that they get all of target audience they have a wide variety of products which make sue to satisfy the needs of all customers.
Canon have successfully grabbed the reader attention in many ways ,furthermore, they have shown to reader how they are playing an environmental part by adopting the deforestation idea and its effects .All of these things give the reader the impression that canon is the best choice to go for in the imagery business Canon's strategies have been very effective in balancing a readers curiosity and promoting their own brand image , with the firm controlling a significant amount of the market it is a trusted company in the photography market canon makes use of ethos it make she reader fell that he or she will experience wild in totally different way because of cannon with their cutting edge technology and razor sharp image cannon makes a promise that the reader will be able to click some amazing picture of wild life the use of ethos is manly based on the trust that the reader has the company moving on canon makes uses of logos by giving about facts about their animal and its natural habitat this make a reader even more interested in the product actually cannon starts of their ad with logos in order for the customer to take look and then moves on even advance techniques of...


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